5 Professional Interior Design Tips


Designing a room or your entire house can be a daunting task.  But the result, when done successfully, can be so rewarding and really bring your house to a whole new level.  There are several design tips that interior design professionals regularly use and keep in mind when approaching any room.  Today we want to share with you some of these that will really help you up your design game!


1.  Be Mindful of Your Environment

Understanding the surroundings and limitations of a room is the first step in creating a successful design plan.  Great designs take into account the purpose of the room, the room’s dimensions, and knowing which pieces of furniture are most appropriate.  As an example, if you have a small table, avoid placing large decor on top.  This will make your table look even smaller and throw off proportions.  Balancing sizes of decor with furniture will really help in making everything look natural.


2.  The Effectiveness of Rugs

Rugs are such a great way to soften up rooms and bring everything together.  Not only is choosing the right look for a rug crucial, but so is the size and shape.  Pick a rug that best serve the room size and other pieces of furniture in use.  Whether you have hardwood floors or stained concrete floors, adding a rug can be instrumental in helping “warm” up a room.


3.  Using Mirrors As A Tool

Design professionals know and understand the power of cleverly placed mirrors.  Mirrors, when used correctly, can make a room feel bigger.  Not only that, but they can be used to enhance natural light in a room.  For example, placing a mirror opposite of a window will reflect its light even further, creating a brighter room.  Essentially, it’s using a mirror in place of a mounted light.


4.  Don’t Be Afraid of Combination

You may think that design needs to either embrace the old or the new.  But this isn’t true.  It just takes a little more planning and sometimes experimentation.  A popular design trend among professionals is to cleverly mix the old with the new to create chic and appealing design.  For example, a modern painting or piece of art may look flawless with an antique frame.  Or a vintage leather chair in an industrial-style room.  Don’t be afraid to mix things and try bold things.  Great design is also about embracing the personality of the person living in the space.


5.  Creating The Illusion of Size With Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors is so important in interior design because it plays a huge factor in how a room feels size-wise.  For example, painting a smaller room in a darker color will make it feel even smaller. But painting a small room with a lighter color will make it feel larger than it actually is.  Lighter colors tend to make any room feel bigger, so professionals take full advantage of this on a regular basis.  They really understand the effects that different colors can have on rooms.  Knowing your room and knowing what you want to accomplish with the design will help in choosing the best paint colors.



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2 replies on “5 Professional Interior Design Tips

  • Orlando Shannon

    Interior designing when done right, not only makes your home more aesthetically appealing but also makes sure that it is practical.

  • Bethel Smith

    Thank you for the suggestion about mixing old with the new. We have my grandmother’s dining room table in our kitchen. The rest of the room is much more modern, but I really love that table and want to keep it. I’m excited to see what kind of ideas an interior decorator can come up with to help it fit in.


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