DECLUTTERING: Easy and Affordable Ideas for Cleaning Up Your Living Space


Living in clutter can affect your day-to-day life in numerous ways. Clutter can cause unnecessary stress, and we want to give you some fast and easy ideas to control the chaos.


Is Clutter Subjective to Perspective?


Clutter can be a productive environment for some individuals, but when is the clutter out of control? First, determine where your clutter is at its worst. Is there a certain room of your house that is overflowing with unnecessary junk? The first step in tackling clutter is prioritizing where to begin.


Below, we have a couple examples/ideas that can help with clutter in creative ways:


Ditch the old jar of coins hiding in your closet for this functional and chic wall mount.


Utilize the space under your desk. Decorate baskets can be a great way of accomplishing this and can also add to the design of the room.


Add a tin metal mail box to the side of any table, desk or kitchen island to prevent mail from piling up.

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