Make Your Living Room Pop!


Creating your perfect living room can be a tricky thing.  Balancing comfort with design isn’t always easy, however with the right steps, you can have a living room that is both functional and stunning.  With a little planning and inspiration, a living room that pops is just around the corner!

First Steps…

Every room is different and requires a different approach, however there are still elements and steps that apply to every situation.  First, define what style you want and what will realistically work best in your room.  So many styles exist, ranging from modern and traditional to rustic and industrial.  Each person has a preference, so there’s no right or wrong style.  The key is applying a style in a way that has consistency and feels natural.  You also have to be objective about what will work best in your living room.

Oftentimes, with living room furniture, the sofa is the largest piece in the room.  One of the key steps is planning the arrangement, which often needs to start with the sofa.  Some rooms reveal an obvious placement, while others take a bit more creativity.  You want to find a place that not only works best for the particular sofa, but also helps set up the arrangement for the rest of the furniture.  As an example, if you have to position the sofa in a way where the back is facing the entrance, adding a sofa table behind it with decor can sometimes make it feel more inviting.


In a living room, there always needs to be a point of focus.  This can be a number of things, such as a fireplace or piece of artwork.  It may also even be a window overlooking a view.  You want to identify what the focal point of your living room is, as it is the anchor of your room.  By accenting the focal point that is there, you don’t take focus away from it and the room feels more natural and grounded.  You will know this is done correctly because all of the furniture, artwork, and lighting will simply enhance this feature.

The Floor…

Rugs can be a great way of bringing a room together and, in a way, feel like a “glue” for everything.  Before getting one however, you want to determine what your use and intention for it is.  You also want to figure out what the best size rug for your room should be.  The rug itself needs to fit with the rest of the design in the room and support the rest of the decor.  Some living rooms benefit from a great rug and some may be better without one.  Determine which option is truly best for your room.


When it comes to making a living room feel finished, making sure the overall balance is right is crucial.  For example, does the eye stop at the sofa or does it continue from floor to ceiling?  You want the room as a whole to feel balanced and not offset to one side or it not be balanced from top to bottom.  A mirror or piece of art above the sofa (as an example) can help keep a flow to where the eyes aren’t getting stuck at the sofa.

Your living room should feel like a place that is inviting and cozy.  Each element contributes to the room feeling finished.  Be mindful of each piece of furniture and decor and make sure that there is intention behind each piece.  Also be mindful of the lighting, as this is a factor in making the room feel inviting.  As you can see, with the right steps, your living room can come to life and feel like a place straight out of a magazine!

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  • Johnnie

    You ever thought of having nests of different tables to provide a coffee table?
    In my college apartment, because it was so tiny, I was using them constantly and they’re amazing. Anyway, awesome post!


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