Repurposing An Old Door


We’re always looking for cool and fresh new ideas for the home.  So today, we want to share with you some ideas for repurposing an old door!  It may seem like uses for an old door are limited, but it’s in fact the very opposite.  When you begin thinking outside the typical uses of a door, you can really get creative and create pieces that will enhance your home.  Even if you don’t have an old door lying around, they can easily be found at antique stores or maybe even garage sales.  With a little work and creative thinking, you can definitely make one-of-a-kind pieces that will have your friends and family wondering where you got it!  Below are a few ideas to help you get started!


Above is an amazing example of one thing you can do with a repurposed door!  Not only does this make an incredible wall piece, but it is also very functional by incorporating a couple bookshelves.  This example also provides lighting, which further showcases decor on the shelves.  The potential is endless when paired with the upholstered backboard.  Coordinating the fabric with the rest of your room and decor can really bring the design together!




This next example furthers the functional concept by repurposing an old door as a wall-mounted memo board.  Chalkboard paint is used above which is a great idea to make the door “writeable”.  As seen here, it can make for a fantastic weekly calendar that also doubles as an amazing decor piece!





Turning an old door into an entryway bench can be a perfect way to create a stunning piece of functional furniture!  Adding hooks like the one above can also enhance organization, which is always a good thing.  The added drawer can clean up clutter, while it makes for an ideal place to kick off your shoes.  Overall, this example does a beautiful job in bringing purpose to what began as an old door.




And last but certainly not least is repurposing a door into a gorgeous picture frame for your wall!  This  one is more aimed toward the doors with windows.  This is an easy way to create a sentimental piece of decor while retaining the integrity and beauty of the door.


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